List of 10 Gluten-Free Foods

Gluten free diets have become extremely popular as we have learned more about gluten allergies. Those with gluten intolerances or Celiac disease need to eat gluten free foods.

This is because the gluten destroys the lining of their intestines, leading to the leakage of partially digested food into the body, causing pain and even malnutrition.

Because gluten is a special kind of protein found in wheat, rye and barley, these are the most common foods that need to be avoided, but gluten is also added to other foods.

A List of 10 Gluten-Free Foods

1. Oats

While gluten is found in many grain products, oats are gluten free. So, oatmeal is a good breakfast choice for those on a gluten free diet.

2. Millet

Millet is another grain that is gluten free. Millet is not a very popular product in most of the Western world, but it is gaining popularity as a gluten free grain that is nutritious and filling.

3. Soybeans

Soybeans are another good gluten free source of grains. Soy is used to make many products today, and they are great for those on gluten free diets.

4. Fruits

Fruits are naturally gluten free and can be consumed in any quantity by those with gluten intolerances.

5. Vegetables

Vegetables are also naturally gluten free.

6. Meats

Meats do not contain gluten, so they are safe for those on gluten free diets. However, breaded meat could be a problem because the breading could contain gluten.

7. Quinoa

Quinoa is another delicious grain that is gluten free. It is becoming more and more popular in the Western world. It is a good side dish, served like rice or pasta.

8. Rice

Rice is a grain, but is gluten free.

9. Certain cereals

Choosing cereal on a gluten free diet can be tricky. However, there are many cereals today that are gluten free because manufacturers have removed it from their products. When in doubt, check before you buy.

10. Dairy products

Dairy products are naturally gluten free.

Gluten free meals

Gluten Free Diets

As gluten free diets have become more popular, food manufacturers have begun to remove gluten as an additive from many foods.

However, if you are very gluten intolerant, it’s important to be very careful of the foods you choose.

Because gluten cannot be 100% removed from wheat, even many foods that are labeled gluten free have a small amount of the gluten and may cause a problem for those who are very gluten intolerant.

Gluten free diets generally divide all foods into one of three categories.

Foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are considered completely safe, because they are naturally gluten free.

Some foods would be considered cautionary because there is a possibility that they were exposed to gluten during manufacturing, and some foods are considered off limits because they are known to contain gluten.

Buying gluten free products can be expensive, so many people choose to simply avoid grain products rather than pay the price for products labeled gluten free. If you need to follow a gluten free diet, there are many websites that can help you sort through particular foods to determine whether or not they contain gluten.

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