List of 10 High GI Glycemic Index Foods

Following a glycemic index diet requires watching the foods you eat, and choosing mostly low gi foods. Following this sort of a diet can make it easier to lose weight by keeping blood sugar levels stable and insulin levels low.

When following this type of diet, it is important to stay away from high gi foods. Here is a list of the foods with the highest glycemic index rankings.

A List of 10 High GI Foods

1. Cake

Because cake combines both sugar and white flour, it is a very high gi food. Both the sugar and the flour release into your bloodstream quickly, causing blood sugar levels to spike.

2. White Bread

White flour is a very high gi food, so it’s best to avoid it. When you want bread, choose whole grain or multi grain bread, since it is made with flour that is not as highly processed.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are a good source of vitamins, but they are a high gi food. Sweet potatoes are slightly better, with a bit lower gi ranking.

4. Watermelon

Most fruits are low to medium on the gi scale, but watermelon is one fruit to avoid, since it is high gi food.

5. Cereals

Not all breakfast cereals are bad, but many are loaded with sugar, which makes them a high gi food. Stick with cereals that are entirely whole grain, like Shredded Wheat and All Bran if you’re trying to stick to a low gi diet.

6. Rice Cakes

Though they’re often considered a healthy snack, rice cakes are actually a high gi food.

7. Potato and corn chips

Because they are so highly processed, almost any sort of chip will be considered a high gi food. This includes pretzels, which people often think of as healthy.

8. Dates

Dates are another fruit you want to avoid. They are very high in natural sugar, which makes them a high gi food.

9. Breakfast breads

Many people enjoy muffins, doughnuts, waffles and pancakes for breakfast. But, unfortunately, all these great breakfast breads are high gi foods. Make muffins, pancakes and waffles with whole grain flour and no sugar for a healthier choice.

10. Parsnips

Most vegetables are low gi foods, but not parsnips. They are one of the highest gi vegetables.

You may lose weight eating low GI foods

When you’re sticking to a low gi diet, you can still eat the foods listed as high gi foods. However, it is important to make them occasional treats, not regular diet mainstays.

When you substitute lower gi foods for the higher ones you’re used to eating, you can often lose weight without counting calories or feeling deprived.

A few simple substitutions, like swapping white bread for whole grain wheat bread and choosing higher fiber cereals can make all the difference in the world.

When you make low gi foods the basis of your diet, you feel full all day, and keep your blood sugar levels stable. This makes you feel better in general and keep your weight right where you want it.

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