List of 10 Foods High in Carbohydrates

A healthy diet requires balance, especially if you’re trying to keep your weight under control. Too often, people eat too many carbohydrates in a day, which can cause weight to balloon.

Avoiding too many high carbohydrate foods is a great way to help keep your weight under control. Here are ten high carbohydrate foods you want to minimize.

A List of 10 Foods High in Carbohydrates

1. Sugar

Sugar is all carbohydrate, and it releases into the bloodstream quickly, causing blood sugar levels to spike. This causes the production of insulin, which makes it easier for the body to store fat. Foods with sugar are the first to avoid when trying to lose weight.

2. White flour

White flour is a high carbohydrate food, and it is highly processed, so that it isn’t even a good source of carbohydrates.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are high carbohydrate foods. They are, however, a good source of vitamins.

4. Rice

Rice is also high in carbohydrates. Brown rice is very nutritious, however, and is rich in complex carbohydrates.

5. Bananas

All fruits have carbohydrates, but the sweetest fruits, such as bananas, have the highest numbers of carbohydrates.

6. Pasta

Pasta is made from flour, so it is a high carbohydrate food. If you choose pasta made from whole grain flour, it will contain complex carbohydrates, however.

7. Sweet pickles, relish and salad dressings

All of these have added sugar, so their carbohydrate content is high.

8. Cereals

All cereals are high carbohydrate foods. Some, however, are healthier than others because they contain complex carbohydrates and little sugar.

9. Dried Fruits

When fruits are dried, they have a more concentrated form of sugar, making them a high carbohydrate food.

10. Pizza

While pizza contains protein from the meat and cheese, the crust also makes it a high carbohydrate food. To lower the carbohydrate count in your pizza, choose thin crust.

Oats are a better choice of carbohydrates

Try To Consume More Complex Carbohydrates

It’s important to note that carbohydrates are not, in and of themselves, a bad thing. The type of carbohydrate food you choose is what’s important.

Avoiding simple carbohydrate foods in favor of foods with complex carbohydrates is a good dietary choice.

Our bodies require carbohydrates to function. In particular, our brains rely on carbohydrates and they provide much of our energy throughout the day. But, when we choose simple, processed carbohydrates like white flour and sugar products, we make it easier to gain weight, and our nutrition suffers, too.

Complex carbohydrates should make up the bulk of the carbohydrate foods in your diet. Choose vegetables, whole grain breads, pastas and brown rice instead of white rice.

When choosing fruits, remember that those like apples, peaches, and pears have less fructose than bananas, oranges and pineapples. This, combined with their fiber, makes them a better carbohydrate source.

Every diet needs carbohydrates. But, choosing them wisely is very important, especially if you’re watching your weight. But, luckily, just a few substitutions in the carbohydrate foods you choose may be all you need to make weight management simpler than you ever thought possible.

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